VertiMax V8

From the professional player to the high-school level, and even younger pre-teen athletes, no training equipment will do more to increase vertical jump and first step quickness while maximizing l player’s abilities to dominate on the field or the court.

The VertiMax V8 Provides

  • Radically improved 40 Times
  • Leg & Arm loading for maximum vertical gains
  • Develop sports specific power at any position
  • One unit trains over 30 athletes per hour
  • Do less get better results – VertiMax can replace all your Plyos


Nothing defines sports fitness more than pure speed! VertiMax is the top speed training system for improving speed in any sport because only VertiMax can load the leg drive and swing phase simultaneously for maximum linear and lateral speed gains.  Please Click here to sign up for our Vertimax training today!

Why Vertimax You Ask?