Texas Footwork Programs

During this important time in a child’s life young athletes are very excited about learning new skills and knowledge. To increase athletic performance at this age group it’s all about developing skills and building strength while having fun. We provide a safe environment that is challenging and exciting! We will build the foundation of the movement in each sport for all athletes. We will help build the muscles in the feet and core which will provide all athletes with a strong competitive foundation, which will help them become top athletes in their perspective sport. The Freshmen Program is designed to be conducted as a small group with no more than 10 kids per session. The group will meet for two sessions per week for 60 minutes. Our freshmen curriculum places high priority on footwork, coordination, balance relative to strength and an introduction to muscular movement patterns. We will also implement a little competition which is vital for growing a child’s athletic foundation.

Our JV athletes have discovered the importance of developing footwork, a muscular foundation, and strong core. By this age, athletes begin to develop athletic fundamentals and habits. Our program will focus on developing fundamentals, core strengths, and competitiveness through speed training, agility, and power. Repeated rehearsal of focused workout programs will lead to permanent levels of movement for top performance. We will introduce JV athletes to Circuit and Sports Specific Movements which will allow your athlete to build power. Our JV program also consists of high intensity group training with an emphasis on team work! ALL athletes will be pushed to test their limits of performance and ability each 60-minute session. JV athletes will have timed drills that will focus on resistance and high rep exercises. We will provide an endless amount of activities to prepare young athletes for future success!

Our Senior Program is for advanced athletes. This is our toughest program and we will challenge, push, and motivate each athlete! The 60-minute training session starts to resemble sport specific demands and is geared toward each athlete’s specific position. Senior level athletes will have more time for weight lifting and power movements. We will combine speed movements with a heavy emphasis on core strength and development. Senior athletes will be encouraged to compete with themselves each time they walk through the doors of the TEXAS FOOTWORK. We will provide the athletes with an endless amount of skill and power training. Each athlete will be pushed to perform at a higher level.

This training concentrates on lower body reactive power which is the most vital component for any athlete. It’s the key to explosiveness, speed, and power generation. No training system ever designed will do more than VertiMax – to increase lower body reactive power. These sessions will last 60 minutes and hold up to 5 in a group.