Athlete Spotlight

When an opportunity is given to you, you must take it. Humble High School senior quarterback, Dexter Wyble did not play his first five games of his junior season. After something happened to his teammate, it was time for him to step up and prove he deserved to be out on the field. With him stepping up, he ended up passing about 800 yards for the season.

Wyble’s goals this season are to be district MVP, lead the team to playoffs for the first time, and to have at least 2,000 passing yards. “With the help of Coach Darren, I think I can definitely make that happen,” Wyble said.

Freshman year is when Wyble started working out with Darren Hendricks at Texas Footwork. “My first time was really hard, but I kept wanting to come back because I knew Darren was going to make me better and help me with my footwork,” Wyble said. “Working out here really made me up my game.”

Wyble surrounds himself with coaches like Darren because of the encouragement and the way they push him to make him a better athlete.

So far, Wyble has had a couple of offers from schools and still working hard for more. “When looking for a school, I want it to feel like a family atmosphere. If it feels like family there, that will be the school I commit to,” Wyble said.


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