Athlete Spotlight

Freshman year of high school can be exciting, but also nerve-racking, especially when being an athlete and trying out for a team.

New Caney High School freshman, Angel Davila has a goal of making the varsity baseball team as a freshman. He is going to work as hard as he can by putting in the extra work to achieve his goal.

It has been a year and a half since he started training with Darren Hendricks at Texas Footwork and has enjoyed every bit of it. Davila said the workouts are tough and aggressive but has really helped him with his footwork. “Before training at Texas Footwork, I could not run as fast or jump as high as I can now. I also can see the power difference in my hitting,” Davila said.

With that being said, Texas Footwork is preparing him for making the team at his high school. “Darren is very encouraging and pushes me to get better, stronger, and faster.” Davila said. “I’m excited to use what I’ve learned and carry it on to high school.”


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